RealObjects Nimbudocs Editor 3.0.3981_Beta3

Guide: CSS-based UI Configuration


Nimbudocs Editor features very powerful APIs to configure the editor's user interface. This is usually done via an external JSON file or a JavaScript object. This article describes how the parts of the user interface, that are specific to certain elements in the document, can be configured.


Nimbudocs Editor displays handles when selecting images, QR codes and media elements. With these handles, the selected element can be moved, resized or manipulated in some way. Should you not want to allow all of these options for a certain kind of element, you can disable parts or all of the handle functionality for any element matching a CSS selector.

Use the CSS property -ro-nimbu-handles-disable to configure which handle elements should be disabled. More information about the CSS property can be found here.


For example, if you want to disable cropping and free scaling for all images, you can use the following style sheet:

img {
    -ro-nimbu-handles-disable: crop freescale;